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Dating Site Statistics - Singles Sites Review

All Singles Welcome Here! Behold our review of online dating services. Join for free at and skip over the Honeymoon Syndrome on your way to the real thing. Find photos of thousands of new singles every day who've heard the massive radio campaign; "Don't be stupid. Go to Cupid."

Find detailed membership information, pricing options, specialized site features, company info and profiles. As with all sites reviewed, we actually join as a member and go through every step of the process to bring an accurate unbiased summation.

Hot new dating site with thousands of single women
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Claim to fame:"Don't be stupid - Go See Cupid!" member : more cupid profiles Dating Services - focuses on bringing people together right in this area! You can browse thousands of new singles everyday, and basic memberships are completely free! Search the personal ads and look at pictures with complete anonymity. Or use Cupid's AutoMatch to let cupid find you exactly the kind of person you're looking for.

Someone that's not just looking for a date, but actually hoping to find a lasting and meaningful relationship. Anonymous, safe messaging and the Eye contacts feature which let other singles know you're interested and provides them a link to your personal ad profile.
Cupid's Facts and Detailed Membership Information
Free Basic
Yes - A Basic member is a no-cost/no-obligation membership. A Basic member can: Search for members with photos, place a FREE personal ad with photo, use quick and expanded search to read personal ads, send and receive Eye Contacts which let others know you're interested in them and provides a link to your profile. Free members can also reply to Gold Member's messages and maintain a list of people you are interested in. Send profile links to your friends and block members from contacting you is also always free of charge.
Gold membership?
For less than the cost of two movie tickets, you can become a Gold Member. With access to all features, you can perform targeted searches and send messages to anyone you choose. Memberships are available in 1, 3, 6 and 12-month increments, with multi-month membership discounts. By becoming a Gold Member, you get to enjoy all of the benefits that has to offer! You can post a profile and photo, look at other people's profiles, contact members through Eye Contacts or messages, INSTANT MESSAGE anyone who is "Online Now!" and access all other areas of the site. You can start relationships on your own by sending a message to any member on the site. There's no reason not to become a Gold Member, so why not start living?
cupid personals logo First impression synopsis? Ever heard of Honeymoon Syndrome? It's really common at the beginning of a long-distance relationship. You have a limited amount of time together, so you work super hard to make it special. Hellos are exciting, and good-byes are romantic, and your heart gets tricked into thinking you know everything there is to know about someone. But then eventually, after you've got feelings involved, you find out you were wrong... Honeymoon Syndrome wears off; and you wish you'd never MET Mr. Wonderful-but-far-away in the first place!!! Very cool dating site with lots of interaction and real speed dating parties with its members. check it out for yourself.
Cupid's Featured
Member Services?

On the home page, they highlight two men and two women as the Featured Members of the week. This is a good way for visitors and members alike to begin seeing what is all about - people just like them. If you would like to be considered for this honor, simply tell them in your profile, and they'll add you to the list. Why would you want to participate in the Featured Profile? Because each and every person who comes to the home page will see your photo and link to your profile, you are likely to receive many more responses. You are not required to post a photograph with your ad, but ads including a photograph receive eight times as many responses as text-only ads. When searching ads, you are given the option to search only those ads that contain a photo or those who are currently online. Why wait any longer? Click here to post your photo now!
Profile Database? Over 2 Million members with sometimes 10-15 thousand singles joining every day. Advertising locally on great radio stations to bring people together for love really works as this site is growing fast!.
Oh yeah! Choose from Quick search, Expanded search, Handle search or check out the who's online feature. When you perform a search on, you are provided with a list of profiles that match what you have specified as criteria at that time. Cupid AutoMatchSM, however, furnishes you with a list that is more detailed and will mean more to you than just a broad search. The results here will be tailored to the criteria you were looking when you filled out your profile.

Cupid AutoMatchSM? Cupid AutoMatchSM is an ongoing automatic process that helps you find the right people. When you create your profile, you'll answer several questions about yourself. You also will specify what you were looking for in someone else, and how important each of those questions are to you. Cupid AutoMatchSM searches the member database, comparing these answers. When it finds two members who match each others criteria, it makes a match. Very hip! A couple things happen when Cupid AutoMatchSM finds a match: You're notified by e-mail when a match is found. For convenience, this e-mail will provide a link to the login page. You can also view your top ten current matches on the "My Matches" page. A link to "My Matches" is located in the side navigation of the "Search" and "My Cupid" sections. .

Pics /Photo
Personal Ads?
Yes! Most members post at least one photo, many have multiple pictures in their profiles browse female member photos
Site Features Summary - Overall Impressions

Dating Advice at - Who can you turn to for answers to your toughest questions about romance, dating and relationships? Perhaps it's best to seek advice from's Director of Love for unbiased, no punches pulled advice.

Online Dating tips from - Looking for romance online is a whole other ballgame from traditional dating. While it's a great way to meet other singles, it is necessary to use common sense. Find many tips to help you navigate the new world of cyberdating. Eye Contact? - An Eye Contact is a quick way to let other members know that you're interested in them - without sending a formal response. When you send an Eye Contact, other members will be notified by e-mail that someone has made Eye Contact. They will be provided with your Online Name and a link to your profile. At that time, they may choose to respond via a message or return an Eye Contact. Don't forget only Gold Members can send messages to anyone. If they do not return an Eye Contact or send a formal reply in a reasonable amount of time, remember -- there are tens of thousands of other members waiting. "virtual rose"? - An exclusive virtual rose is added to a message that says "I think you're special." It's a special touch that only Gold Members can give. A limited number are given to each Gold Member. Roses are replenished monthly, when the Gold Member's subscription renews.

True Love Story - For those still searching out there do not give up. We have found the person of our dreams. By that I mean the person of our dreams from youth. You know, the person you wonder, "Who will she be?", "Where does she live?". I have found her and she has found me.

We both had almost given up on finding that one true love. Both of us giving your service a last hope of finding someone special, after hearing your radio commercials.

As I type this to your website email, she is beside me smiling. I love this woman with all my heart. And she loves me. We never would have met without your service. NEVER!

Your service has helped many I am sure. But this time, you have brought together a family. Now, we are 8 total. Maybe 9 in the near future. Always searching but never finding that true love you only read about in romance novels.

Since the day we both met, we have been inseparable. We have so much to be thankful for this year as we spent our first of many Thanksgiving Days together.

Our love for each other began long before we met. Time has no boundaries on love. Ours love transcends the boundaries of time.

Thank all of you at

p.s. Our grandchildren will tell this story for generations to come. parties - parties are based on the incredibly hot, new, exciting way for singles to meet other singles -- speed dating! Rather than wasting time hanging out in a bar or going on uncomfortable blind dates, allows singles the ability to meet up to 25 (or more) eligible singles with short, 3-minute "mini-dates" -- all in one fun evening. parties are held at a local pub, restaurant or cafe. Guests register online and then check in the night of the party and receive numbered nametags, special scorecards and seat assignments at one of many tables for two.

In a world of 8-minute abs and 1-minute managers, it's no surprise that 3-minute dates would soon follow. is in fact, one of the hottest trends in the country right now.

Why the appeal? It's hilarious, you can do it with your friends, and it's loads of fun. Kind of like musical chairs for grownups.

Here's how it works: Women sit at numbered tables and men join them for a three-minute mini-date. You chat, you smile, you flip your hair, then the buzzer sounds and your three-minute man moves to the next table. You both check yes or no on your scorecards and the beat goes on. A new guy sits down and you do it all over again. At the end of the night, everybody turns in their scorecards and the organizers send you an email a few days later that gives you contact information for all the people that you liked who also liked you.

In an average night, you can go on about 40 dates without breaking a sweat. Better than that, most people make an average of six matches. Which means you end up with six people you like who also like you. Not too bad for an evening's play.

Final Summation - A fast growing dating site with lots of fun features. No matter what you're looking for, you've come to the right place to find like minded singles that share your interests. is the ideal place to be if you to improve your relationship skills all for free! - try the free cupid membership
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Every popular adult personal ad sites for singles can be reviewed right here! All adult related personals sites offer various free memberships or trial periods so you can place personal ads with them all to maximize your efforts - You must be at least 18 years of age...

Review and Get Your Free Memberships!
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The largest match sites with quality reputations and millions of photo profiles can found right here! No reason to be single any more!

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For a quick one page comparison of the top singles sites, check out our compare popular dating sites chart. Should you prefer a quick loading and easy click graphics page with no text descriptions, click here for our quick click dating reference page. You can also access and read in depth reviews of every leading dating site on the all listed dating sites page.

Defining Free Memberships All our reviewed dating sites and matchmaking services offer various types of free memberships or trails. Free can have mean serveral meanings, however. The norm? It means you can place personal ads, search profiles for those that interest you. Some have 3 day to one week trials then you have to pony up to stay online. Others have lifetime free memberships but you must pay to contact. Please read any TOS agreements before committing to any site so you're clear on what promotions are being offered, and when they expire if applicable. You can read our entire article about it here

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